Traditional cider makers based in the Waveney Valley along the Norfolk and Suffolk border

We're a family of craft cider makers from the beautiful Waveney Valley on the Norfolk & Suffolk border. Ken (our Master Cider Maker) started out in 2010 when he noticed apples going to waste in neighbour’s gardens. Eight years later a burgeoning interest in putting unloved apples to good use has grown into a family-driven craft cider making team. 

We’ve remained steadfast to the principle of using local produce for our craft ciders and source our apples from East Anglian orchards and the Norfolk and Suffolk countryside (along with taking donations from generous apple growing neighbours). Since half the team live in Newcastle we like to throw in the odd Geordie apple too!  

We’ve been lucky enough to win a few awards for our craft cider and recently branched out into a spicy apple cider vinegar (ACV) called 'Fire Cider'. Based on a traditional recipe, Fire Cider is made from unfiltered ACV (with vinegar mother) infused with aromatic herbs and spices including birds-eye chillies, turmeric, horseradish, garlic, ginger, cayenne pepper, cloves and much more. Fire Cider is versatile stuff and works great in cooking, cocktails or drinking as a daily health tonic.

Our Ice Cider is also growing from strength to strength and is now available to buy online. Ice Cider is made by taking our freshly pressed apple juice and freezing it prior to fermentation. The freezing process concentrates natural sugars and flavours, resulting in a rich and syrupy 'Ice Cider' that's bursting with aromas of baked apple, honey, peach and apricot. We particularly enjoy drinking Ice Cider alongside a cheeseboard (mature, smoked, or even blue, cheese works well). Ice Cider and cheese were definitely made for each other - the flavour combination really works a treat!

Tour our Cider House

Come and meet a craft cider maker at one of our Open Days!


We regularly open our doors to visitors where you can discover how we make craft cider, Ice Cider and Fire Cider Vinegar. The shop will also be open should you wish to purchase any of our products. 


Come for a tour of our production facility and try an all important tasting

- no booking required, cider fans welcomed all day!

Open Days 2020 

(normally last weekend of the month)

Sat 22nd Feb 12pm - 5pm

Sun 23rd Feb 12pm - 5pm

Sat 28th Mar 12pm - 5pm 

Sun 29th Mar 12pm - 5pm

Sat 25th Apr 12pm - 5pm

Sat 30th May 12pm - 5pm

Sun 31st 12pm - 5pm

Upcoming Events

We can be found here on Google Maps.

For updates you can check our Twitter and Facebook.

All our ciders are made from locally sourced apples within 10 miles of our Cidery

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