Our novel partnership with a local wildlife photographer

In an unending quest to maintain our environmental credentials, we teamed up with a local wildlife artist and photographer, Lilly Violet Adams, to put waste apple pressings to good use. In order to photograph and paint the local fallow deer, it was key for Lilly to get close to them but due to their shy nature being shy animals this was not always possible.

Lilly then conceived the idea of spreading leftover apple pressings around trees so she could get close enough to photograph them. Fallen apples are part of the deer’s natural diet during the Autumn and thus a source of additional nutrient during the winter months. In a typical apple pressing, we will pulp about 1.5 tonnes of local apples. About half a tonne of apple waste remains once the juice is removed for cider production.

Lilly Violet Adams is a Southwold artist who produces watercolour portraits and local scenes of rural life in the Suffolk countryside.

Read more about the endeavour here!

Here are just a few of the wonderful photos Lilly captured! If you'd like to see more of Lilly's work then here Facebook page can be accessed here:

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