Fruit Cider cocktails

Now summer is here we would normally be offering fruit cider cocktails at our shows and marketing events. Luckily, it's easy to make them yourself to drink on those warm summer days or when having friends round (maintaining the appropriate socially distanced recommendations)!

Take your favourite cider - we use Cideroad as it's the most versatile - and add a10% shot by volume of good quality cordial. If you like raspberry and rhubarb cider try Robinson’s Raspberry and Rhubarb cordial and add the shot to the bottom of the glass then top up with cider. For balmy summer days, add ice if you like it chilled!

Our elderflower cider cocktails (made with locally picked elderflowers) are normally a huge hit. To make your own, we'd recommend buying a bottle of elderflower cordial such as Bottle Green and doing the same. Alternatively if you have time on your hands, try making your own cordial. It's good fun experimenting with other fruit mixes and seeing what works for you. If you want to support local business, check out Hedgerow Cordials who do a brilliant innovative range.

The great thing about using a box or pouch of your favourite HCC cider is that you make the cocktail by the glass so that you can still enjoy our cider whilst others might prefer it flavoured!

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